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"your" hosting space has been created under your user account and below is the summary information for its resources.

We strongly recommend that you read the entire email, make a copy and store it in safe folder for future reference.

For step-by-step Online Tutorials regarding WebsitePanel please go to:

Flash Tutorials

For WebsitePanel User and Reseller Online Guide please check

User Guide

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WebsitePanel Documentation

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Maximum Number of Web Sites: por plan
Web Application Gallery: Enabled
Classic ASP: Enabled
ASP.NET 1.1: Enabled
ASP.NET 2.0: Enabled
PHP 4: Enabled
PHP 5: Enabled
Perl: Enabled
CGI-BIN: Enabled

Name Servers

In order to point your domain to the web site in this hosting space you should use the following Name Servers:

You should change the name servers in domain registrar (,, etc.) control panel. Please, study domain registrar's user manual for directions how to change name servers or contact your domain registrar directly by e-mail or phone.

For online step-by-step tutorials on how you can change your DNS servers with some of the most popular DNS registrars, please check: Click here

Please note, the changes in domain registrar database do not reflect immediately and sometimes it requires from 12 to 48 hours till the end of DNS propagation.

Control Panel URL

Control Panel URLUsernamePassword
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